Photography by a professional can keep your wedding memories alive, help your home or products sell faster, and make your food look more enticing to customers. My goal is to provide images that accomplish your goals. I will always endeavor to delight you with my image quality, while being easy and professional to work with. 

If you're planning a wedding, congratulations! I'd be happy to work with you to make sure you have the keepsake photographs of your dreams. Your wedding day will be calmer, happier and better-documented with a professional working carefully with you to capture the memories, creating images that will become your family heirlooms. It's been my honor and privilege to photograph weddings ranging from simple beach and backyard events to nuptial masses to elaborate indoor/outdoor spectaculars. There have even been a few very fun boat weddings along the way! I would be happy to meet with you at no charge to discuss how to make your wedding images special. 

My preference for portraiture is location or environmental work, in the style of Arnold Newman, Greg Heisler, or JoeyL. Portraits usually start with an element of photojournalism as a foundation, but ideally they should also represent a collaboration between the photographer and the subject to reveal an emotional truth about who the subject is, not just what the subject looks like. 

If you are a Realtor, interior designer, builder, or restauranteur, I'd be happy to show you how professional photography can help you make more money faster.

Based in Charleston, SC and the beautiful Lowcountry, but open to travel. Thanks for visiting!


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